Treating Arthritis: The Drug Free Way [Paperback]

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Treating Arthritis: The Drug Free Way 


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Margaret Mills was crippled as a young woman, but was determined not to let it hold

her back. When orthodox treatment could do nothing for her, she used her nurse's

training to develop her simple, natural treatment, which, against all her doctor's

predictions, was completely successful. Since then her 'acid-free' approach has

brought relief to thousands. Her daughter, Christine Horner, who now runs the

Margaret Mills Clinic, continues her work. Here they share their unique drug-free

method and inspire others with Margaret's hope and determination. This new and fully

revised edition offers updated information about diet and reveals the effects of the

new arthritis drugs.
About the Author
Margaret Mills trained as a nurse at St

Stephen's Hospital in London, until her training was cut short by crippling heart

disease and arthritis. Against all the odds she fought back and continues a long

career as an industrial nurse. She now shares her radical new treatment for arthritis

through The Margaret Hill Clinic, and has written several best-selling books based on

her experiences: Curing Arthritis - The Drug-Free Way, Curing Arthritis - More Ways

to a Drug Free Life, Curing Arthritis Exercise Book and Cider Vinegar, all published

by Sheldon Press.

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