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Yoga has various advantages to the body. It can help the muscles to become tighter. It can also boost the levels of energy in the body. It can also lead to a boost in the strength of the body. It also helps in ensuring that the body becomes increasingly flexible. It also helps in the reduction of the excess fats in the body. Thus, it leads to toning of the body giving it the shape that you desire. The different poses employed in yoga helps the muscles in the stomach to be tightened. It leads to a flat tummy. It also helps in the toning of the thighs as well as the legs. It can also help to tone the arms. It can also lead to detoxification of the body.

Strong legs-wide squats

Yoga can help in strengthening the legs. Regardless of whether your legs are used for modeling, sporting or even for your looks, yoga can help you to achieve the desired results. It helps in working out the thighs as well as the hips. It can also help in working out your bottom. You can choose to implement the squats that are wide. You should ensure that your feet are wide as you attempt this. They should be wider than the hips. You should be standing upright. You should then lower your body. The hips should go downwards. Your knees should be bent. The palm of your hands should then be brought to your chest. They should be at the center of your heart. The elbows should then be pressed firmly. They should be against the knees. You should aim for the inside part of the knees. As you do this, you should be widening the hips. The weight should then be shifted to the heels. It should help in lengthening the head. It should be in the direction of the ceiling. You can then hold several deep breaths, and these can be five.

Extending the squat

You could also choose to extend the squat to become wider. It is achieved by letting go of the floor. You should then firmly press the stomach. It should be in the direction of the floor. Your head can then be relaxed. You should remain in that position for several breaths. You can use five counts.

Strong abs-warrior pose

Strengthening of the abs has the advantage of the ideal body. It can lead to having the right shape for a bikini. It helps in the prevention of pains in the back. It can also improve the posture of the body. It also enhances the balance of the body. It can lead to increased flexibility when engaging in sporting activities. It helps in increasing self-confidence when you are naked and when you are in clothes. The warrior posture helps in the strengthening of the core as well as the abs. It is achieved through the use of one leg for balancing. It leads to the use of the abs to stabilize. You achieve this by first using both feet to have your balance. Your arms are then extended as you inhale. You have to assume a T position. You then bend towards the floor. You should bend from your hips. As you do this, you should exhale. You then lift the right leg. It should be in the direction of your back. You then hold for a couple of breaths. As you count the breaths, your navel should be drawn in the direction of your spine. You then bring your foot to the ground by lowering the leg on the right. The same is repeated with the other leg.

Camel pose

The camel posture can also help in tightening your core. The backbend helps in increasing the flexibility of the spine. The position also helps to tighten the shoulders that are opened. You should attempt to use your shins for standing. The knees should be apart. You can then lean back. Your hands should rest on your heels. The back at this position should be arched. It should allow the head to fall in between the blades of the shoulder. You should then continuously press forward the hips. It should help in engaging the thighs as well as the abs. It also engages the tush. You should then count five breaths. You should ensure that you enjoy this pose as you perform it.

Side toning

The proposed poses should be attempted for sides, the right and the left. You should put your feet together as you stand upright. The knees can then be bent. You then squat towards the floor. The torso should then be rotated. Your elbow on the right should then cross over to the thigh on the right. You should ensure that it is on the outside part. You should then attempt to lift your torso. It is achieved by pressing the arm on the right outwards. You should then count several deep breaths. While you count, you should be gazing over the shoulder on your left side.


The different poses help in toning the different parts of the body as well as strengthening the muscles. However, care should be taken while performing the poses. Whenever you realize that there is any pain during the poses, you should stop.

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