­Buying a Spanish Holiday Home?  To shop or not to shop....?

martin_cherry.jpgWhen you are buying a resale property in Spain (a property that has had a previous owner) you will often find that not only are fixtures and fittings included in the property sale but also it is fully furnished.  In fact we've occasionally seen cars and boats included in a sale, although more frequently just bicycles and tricycles. 

This is common when the seller is an overseas owner who is not purchasing another property in Spain.  Rather than go to the expense and hassle of moving and shipping furniture they will include all but their personal possessions in the sale price.  It can be really useful as you have not only bought a property in Spain, you have one that is ready to use straight away.  Do not assume that this will always be the case as some sellers may use furniture as a bargaining chip and only include it if they get their asking price.

If you buy a new build property, either off-plan or recently completed, then you need to be prepared for some serious shopping after you sign the deeds.  You may find that kitchen appliances are already fitted.  This will have been specified at the time you signed the contract indicating your intention to purchase the property.  However you cannot go with a few light bulbs and expect to at least have light at your new property as all you will find are bare wires hanging from the ceilings.

This was our experience when we purchased our first property mentioned in my previous articles.   Our signing was late one winter's evening and following a quick celebratory drink we headed back to our new property for a look around.   When we glanced up at the ceiling and saw those wires we quickly realised that our first port of call the next day had to be a place that sold and fitted lights.

Lighting shops can be found in most reasonable sized towns. You can choose every light you need, exterior and interior.  The shop will usually arranging fitting for a small charge (highly recommended) and they can advise you on the type of lighting you will need for each living area.

Once you have light you need to think about furniture.  In many areas of Spain you will find Ikea, which some people love because they can get everything down to the teaspoons.  For those non-Ikea minded people we have found that the local Spanish furniture shops are a good place to visit.  As they are often family run their delivery can be rapid and they can accommodate requests for matching items or non-standard items.    Do be aware that Spanish bed sizes are smaller than those you are used to so always check that you have ordered the standard UK bed and mattress size.

The big supermarkets like Carrefour and Eroski, found in major towns and cities are a good place to look for utensils, crockery and household tools. 

We fully kitted out that first holiday home in around three days.  It was an intensive shopping experience which suited some members of the family more than others!  However the reward was having a great home-from-home in a beautiful location.  Of course it didn't take long for me and my husband Bill to decide that maybe we should make Spain our permanent home......

Hasta Luego,

Information provided by Martine Cherry - Dream Spain - http://www.dreamspain.net ­