Ten Ways To Write More Creatively

All writers who want to improve the writing which they do will at some point want to write more creatively. The truth is that there are many simple and effective ways to write more creatively. Some of them will improve your writing. Some of these ways will improve your editing. Some are methods that are really, at the heart of it all common sense.

It is what you make of it. Writing is a creative thing. The topic which writers choose to write about can be designed in a creative way. Each writer, no matter what they write, are creative by nature. They want to improve their business and then also make money, but they at the heart of it all, want to be in the process of creative writing.

Below is a list of ten very simple ways to write more creatively. This works well for anyone, at any point in their career and with any topic. Creative writing is a huge topic, but writing creatively can be a smaller one where the writer will choose a method derived from the methods of creative writing to make a point clearer.

1) Write in a different voice. By this use the second person or the first or third and see what needs to be changed. This is a good creative way to write your drafts.

2) Write your work at a different time of day. Sometimes office like hours will not allow you to be creative rather, this is more of a "trap" where you are writing for the sake of writing.

3) Excercise before you start your writing. Walk around a few times, and chemicals in your brain will help your write in a more creative way.

4) Edit in colour, codes and on paper: Using colours to mark out what is working in your writing and what is not is a quick and effective way to edit. This adds a bit of creative writing to the editing process

5) Read something in a different topic: Non-fiction or another style of fiction, but the point is to think outside the style your are currently writing in.

6) Learn about how to present your writing in a more creative manner. This is simple, writer something with the reader in mind.

7) Explore different means of communicating the same information: You need to tell facts. As a writer you add to the details.

8) Brainstorm and use colours: Brainstorming is an easy way to get your creative views going. It is fast and simple and can produce a lot of new ideas.

9) Read up on basic books about writing: A writing book is a must and is very helpful to new and more experienced writers.

10) Write somewhere else, and observe. This means that going somewhere and seeing what people are doing and trying to put this into the writing that they have done.

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