Pensions Simplified [Paperback]

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Pensions Simplified 2010/2012 [Paperback]

Product Description

A new, updated edition of this bestselling pensions guide, reflecting

all the changes in the 2011 Budget. Explains all the different types of pension which

can be created, and shows how to go about setting them up. Explains what readers

pension rights under current legislation, both in terms of current state pension

provision, and also in terms of employer schemes. An invaluable guide for anyone

wanting to plan for the future.
About the Author
Tony Granger is a certified

financial planner and independent financial adviser, and chairman of Mentor Financial

Services He is the foremost author in consumer education in financial services and

has written books on retirement planning, pensions, business success, investments,

school and university fees planning, trustee investment compliance and other


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