Buying a Spanish Holiday Home?  It's who you know!

martin_cherry.jpgMy last article deciding to buy a Spanish holiday home mentioned that a little bit of luck helped us find our perfect holiday home in Spain.  I'm a believer in the notion that you make your own luck and I feel that in this case that is what we did.

On our first foray into the world of Spanish property we saw that planning is an essential part of buying property in Spain.  We also realised that we needed expert advice and experience to locate and buy a property successfully.

Our original Spanish property agents were very pleasant, but completely focused on getting a sale.  We saw endless amounts of properties but did not receive much information about locations.  There was little time for discussion as we viewed property after property until the sun set and we collapsed into our beds.

Therefore rather than randomly pick another agent we decided the best approach was to ask for recommendations from people we knew that had successfully purchased Spanish property. 

This may sound an obvious thing to do, but in our experience many people do not do this.  When we ask people who have a bad property purchase story why they chose their agent they say they based their decision on glossy brochures or were enlisted at a property exhibition.  

It can be easy to underestimate the value of a having a good agent when you are buying a property abroad.  The agent should not only be there to help you find a property but also be your guide to purchasing property in Spain.  Your agent ought to give you a step by step explanation of how the buying process works; what you need to do, when you need to do it by and what happens once the property is legally yours.

So finding a great agent by recommendation was our self made "stroke of luck".  We met up for a viewing visit with our new agent and rather than rush off to look at property she encouraged us to sit and talk about our requirements.  She had lived in our chosen area for some time so could recommend places she thought would suit us.  We looked at various locations and local facilities alongside a small selection of properties.  There was no feeling of pressure and she gave us plenty of time to ourselves for discussion and decision making.

Picking a property we liked felt easy and we were all happy with the choice we made. The agent arranged for us to open a Spanish bank account and helped us find an independent Spanish lawyer to ensure all legalities were in order.   

If you are choosing a property in Spain you should always try and find help from a recommended agent who is open, honest and experienced.  You want to look back at those moments as the start of a long period of happy holidays and fun times under the Spanish sun.

When we signed those deeds we recognised it was the beginning of a great period of our lives although we did not know it would involve us moving country.   Back then the most pressing thing on our minds was how to turn our brand new property into a great holiday home.   More on that later .....

Hasta luego,

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