Inspirational Over 50s

When you think about the tremendous things that people over 50 have achieved it inspires you with hope and the belief that you can succeed. Just think of the achievements of both Mary Wesley and Ranulph Fiennes, both thrived in their respective spheres well over the age of 50. Whenever people over 50 find themselves changing careers or out of work they generally see their prospects as unfavourable. When in reality the over 50s are highly skilled and are an incredibly talented age group.

There are hundreds of sites which will encourage you to dye your hair or dress to impress, but in the end this is secondary. The main obstacle people over the age of 50 need to address is themselves. You have to believe in your own ability before a prospective employer will hire you. You are more capable than you think and all the skills you have spent years cultivating will come in handy.

Ranulph Fiennes, for example, accomplished many things over the age of 50 and at the age of 65 he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. Nine years earlier he attempted to walk solo and unsupported to the North Pole, and although the expedition failed he proved that he was just as fit and healthy as his juniors. He had a goal and achieved something that many people his junior could only dream of.

Mary Wesley is another example of achievement in later life. She wrote her first book in 1969 when she was 57 and at one point she was writing at least one bestselling novel every year. She then went on to write until she was 87; her books were both successful and shocking. But she made her mark, even though she changed careers late in life.

The examples of these two incredibly successful people show that success later in life is possible; all you need is passion and the drive to succeed. Whether you take on a part time job and prove yourself to your employers or you contact a company with a new take on their business. There are hundreds of things you can do to get a job, but first you must believe in your capabilities and abilities. Passion and enthusiasm come across in interviews; they may even get you the job. They are also traits of some of the younger job hunters, so imagine you have the enthusiasm and the skills; you will be snapped up in a second.