How to Keep Fit Whilst Travelling


Iíve been travelling since I was a kid but as Iíve gotten older, and started to spend more time keeping fit, my travelling adventures have caused havoc with my fitness routine. Initially I told myself that travelling was worth sacrificing my regular workouts and that it was something I would have to live with if I was to dedicate my life to my biggest passion Ė travel.

However, the more and more I travelled the more I realised that I didnít have to sacrifice my health and fitness. I picked up little tips along the way and met people who were totally ripped, even though they spent the majority of their lives on the road. Here are a few of my essential travel fitness tips. Enjoy your travels and stay healthy!

Using Random Things as Weights

Whether Iíve been travelling for one week, one month or one year, Iíve found plenty of different items to use as weights and get my muscles pumped. Of course you could pay good money for inflatable weights, which you fill with water, but I donít really think thereís any need to spend money. You can use one litre water bottles as dumbbells, for those of you that are used to lifting heavier weights I would suggest using chairs that you can find at dining tables or in offices. You can even use your trusty backpack and fill it with different things to make it heavier or lighter.

Body Weight Exercises

Anyone who has any kind of gym experience will know that some of the most effective exercise requires nothing but the weight of your own body. All you need is a little bit of space, and maybe some kind of padding on the floor. When youíre travelling I would suggest using a couple of large towels to make a temporary workout matt.

Push ups are great for your arms, shoulders, chest and core. Do knee push ups if you feel you need a less strenuous exercise or try doing wall push ups. For those of you that need greater resistance, simply use a chair, table or bed to raise your feet and do inclined push ups. You can also use a chair to do dips Ė I used to put two together and do dips between them.

Of course, for your lower body and legs you can never beat squats. When Iím travelling I always wear my backpack to add resistance. I also love to do sit ups and crunches to work my abdominal and core muscles, hold a full one litre bottle of water against your chest to get a more intensive work out.

Public Facilities

One thing which Iíve done a couple of times whilst travelling, but donít tell anyone, is to go into the local gym and tell them that Iíve just moved to the area and that Iíd like to get a trial session. Most gyms are more than happy to give you one free session to show you how great their facilities are. Bearing in mind that most cities have more than one gym, you could work out a different gym every week for months and not pay a penny!

Many modern cities in Europe also have public exercise stations, they are normally located along cycle tracks or walkways and I always stop off to use them if I spot one whilst out running.

Use Your Legs

Often when weíre travelling we spend hours and hours walking and hiking from place to place, often with heavy bags Ė this is great exercise! However, if youíre used to doing a lot of cardiovascular you may find that you are missing the buzz you get from running. Well, now that youíre travelling you are free to spend as much of your time running as you want. In fact, I find itís a great way to get to know your surroundings and I often plan a route that takes me past the sites I havenít seen yet. Running is always free, donít stop just because you are travelling!

You could also consider renting a bike for a day or strapping on a pair of rollerblades and hitting the beach boardwalk! You can always find ways to combine your site-seeing with some solid exercise.

When Sohaib isnít backpacking around Europe youíll find him writing travel tips and reviewing the best and worst London hotels