Although the British season does not give us too much of the stormy weather guide we need, it is still the best and most appropiate way to spend your days at home.  The sun may not shine too often but in the high seasons the countryside is very much appealing and especially at our ages too.


Think of the so many cheap and adequate places where we can enjoy the subtle way of life and be pampered.  The Isle of Wight  Here is a great spot for islanders, it is seperate and just south of the English Border Coastline.  In this island, there are beautiful hotels equipped with almost everything, specially ones for school journeys also sharing bunk beds and traditional breakfasts of Toasts,Jams Marmalade and eggs.


For us there are hotels to accommodate us with the unique styles we are accustomed to being in, being in touch with the wonderful riverside close by and flowers growing at hand .  It is very warm at this time during April- August and lots of outdoors activities for the elderly.


Shopping is near the hotels and smooth running of day to day services are set just for you or your partner, sightseeing of old castles the shipping boat area you can visit these frequntly and relax to the ferry crossing with the waves or indoor tv.


Isle of Wight has wooden beams across the ceilings in the hotels and is used to keep insulation warmer for the winter time of year.  Wherever you wish to be this summer, this isle is the perfect setting for  the elderly to find much enjoyment and scenery.  Remember we can still be as youthful as we wich and these are set aside holidays just for you.