Self-Employment offers alternative for Long Term Unemployed amongst over 50s.

A study out today claims that the UK recession has left a legacy of long-term unemployment among the over 50s, with almost 100,000 at risk of being forced to retire earlier than planned.

Tony Dolphin, IPPR’s chief economist, said the long-term unemployed, particularly those over 50, lose skills and confidence, putting them at risk of being permanently shut out of the jobs market.

He said: “The risk is that older people who have been out of work for this long stand little chance of ever working again. This means many will be forced into early retirement, which will mean a lower standard of living during their old age. Previously, this has mostly affected men employed in low value-added manufacturing industries that are in decline as a result of technological change and competition from emerging economies. However, the Government’s cuts in public sector jobs will disproportionately affect women and they too may begin to retire early.”

Alistair Patterson, Director of Kids Bee Happy a low cost Childrens Franchise commented “Over the Summer we have seen increasing numbers of enquiries and applications coming in from older people. We were initially surprised as we felt that our franchise opportunity would appeal most to parents in young families who needed to juggle earning money with the demands of looking after the children and childcare. It’s been rewarding for us to see the enthusiasm for our franchises from older people who just simply aren’t ready for retirement yet”.

One of Kids Bee Happy’s first franchisees was David Shulkind. David had been made redundant from the Department of Work & Pensions, but at 63 felt that it was too early to retire. And now, having taken the step into self-employment, David is successfully running own Sand Art entertainment franchise in Bury.

“Moving into self-employment in your fifties may seem like a big step” said Patterson, “but there organisations like PRIME that are able to offer a lot of help and support specific to the over 50’s age group. We find that older people already have many of the skills needed to be successful in self- employment, and it’s just a case of harnessing them in a slightly different way.”

About Kids Bee Happy

Kids Bee Happy is a Children’s Sand Art Entertainment business, providing Sand Art parties at parties, fun-days and other family events across the UK. Parties start at just £99. Franchise opportunities are available and cost just £2495+vat.

Contact; Alistair Patterson – 0800 033 7356