500 of the Most Important Health Tips You'll Ever Need [Paperback]

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500 of the Most Important Health Tips You'll 

Ever Need [Paperback]

Product Description
Packed with the latest cutting-edge alternative research, 500

Of the Most Important Health Tips You'll Ever Need has become the leading A-Z

alternative healthcare manual on avoiding and treating a huge range of health

problems. In this fully updated edition, award-winning health journalist Hazel

Courteney reveals myriad ways to take more responsibility for our individual health.

Now covering even more conditions, from arthritis to angina, cancer to cramps, liver

problems to low blood sugar, this latest version also includes thousands of little

known facts, plus remedies, dietary advice and helpful hints on how to prevent, heal

and where to find more help for over 250 ailments - even rarer ones such as

electrical pollution and auto immune diseases such as lupus which are on the

increase. Discover, too, which are the best supplements and super foods, such as

pomegranates and tomatoes, and how they can help you. Updated with the latest

scientific evidence on how to improve and maintain your health, day by day, this

one-stop, easy-to-read reference book is the only guide you'll need to prevent and

heal most health problems the alternative way.
About the Author

Courteney is an award-winning health writer based in the UK and her books include

Divine Intervention, The Evidence for the Sixth Sense and 500 of the Most Important

Ways to Stay Younger Longer, all published by CICO Books. Hazel has worked as a

health columnist for both the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times, and continues to write

regular features and columns for various publications.

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